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We make maps for community care and mental health awareness.

Our Mental Health AWHEREness PH (MHAPH) Map shows mental health services and their corresponding information one might need when seeking professional help for their mental health. We also encourage individuals to help contribute to the map and update information and provide feedback to these services in order to guide others.

Aside from the Mental Health aWHEREness Map, we also have the Mapping Emotions and Hear; Here Maps.

Activities and Workshops

In order to help fight the stigma on mental health and increase conversations about mental healthcare, we conduct activities and workshops to teach more about it, about mapping mental health services, and on self-care and community care.


Outreach Programs and other Initiatives

We aim to reach communities with information, education, and communication focused on mental health. With this, we also conduct programs and initiatives to help students, local communities, and schools to promote mental health awareness and have access to relevant information for healthcare.

Projects: Services
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