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Project Ugnay

Helping students get connected to online classes and resources


Project Ugnay is Mental Health AWHEREness’ Project that aims to help college students from partner communities get connected to online resources and classes for their schooling needs.

Project Ugnay: About


The Project’s name, Ugnay, is from a Tagalog word which means to connect as we hope to somehow help students connect to the internet as this is critical during this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic when accessing learning resources, reaching out to others, seeking help, and attending classes are mostly done online. Access to the internet would also help us reach out to these students to help us map mental health services and share information for mental health awareness through our website, social media pages (FacebookTwitter, Instagram), and our mapping platform.

Through Project Ugnay, the Mental Health AWHEREness PH shall provide 10 units of pocket wifis with 500-peso load each to our partner Organization, Keep Hope Alive (KHA) which shall distribute these 10 pocket wifis and load to 10 college students in their partner communities in Oriental Mindoro. Aside from these 10 units of pocket wifis, we also hope to add more to these through an online donation campaign which shall run from September 16 to 30. The total amount shall be used to buy more units of pocket wifis and load allocations to these units.

Project Ugnay: Text

The Logo

Project Ugnay’s logo shows 2 people who are “magka-ugnay” or connected through their hands, which, though may not always be physically possible, may still be through our online social interactions. And this mere social connection can inspire someone to carry on with their lives; thus the semi-colon. A two-way arrow in the logo shows that keeping in touch and the positivity it holds go both ways. These symbols form a circle as a symbol of commitment and continuity since we at Mental Health AWHEREness hope that this could start a cycle of hope and community care even after Project Ugnay.

The green color in the logo represents the mental health advocacy and yellow-orange for positive (yellow) social communication (orange). 💚💛🧡

Project Ugnay: Text


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Project Ugnay: Text
Project Ugnay: Pro Gallery
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